things to do in Puerto VAllarta

Also known as - Cabo, this picturesque destination is located on the Pacific coast of Mexico, this Mexican destination has a different vibe from its sibling cities on the gulf side. Cabo's deep blue oceans are just as beautiful as those in the gulf with stunning rock formations, like the El Arco. Some beaches in Cabo are not safe for swimming due to the strong undertows of the Pacific, but the deep sea fishing in Cabo is unmatched by most places in the world. Cabo is also an excellent destination for surfing! We will make sure you trip to Cabo is perfect! 
Puerto Vallarta, located on the western coast is the lush, surrounded by mountains and jungles, charming cobblestone roads, quaint shops, street vendors, and friendly locals. This city has a more authentic Mexican feel than some of the other resort towns in Mexico. It has more boutique type hotels rather than your large resorts, although resorts are still available! Puerto Vallarta has an abundance of activities such as, sunset cruises, jungle horseback rides, day trips to nearby beaches. 

Puerto Vallarta


things to do in cancun

Cancun is recognized around the globe for its spectacular beaches of fine white sand, its magical turquoise blue water and the ideal weather. Besides being one of the most beautiful destinations in the Caribbean, Cancun has an abundance of first-class hotels with many 5 star options at surprising (in a good way!) prices. Whether you want to stay in the lively hotel zone or in a more secluded area, we would love to help book your Cancun vacation!

Cabo San Lucas

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