Beunos Aires is the capital of Argentina and is known as the "Paris of the South" and with its wide, tree-lined streets, striking architecture, high fashion and dramatic live-theater scene, you are sure to fall in love with this romantic city. Buenos Aires is famous for its wine and culinary offerings, mainly consisting of meat dishes from the many "parrillas" (barbecue grill restaurants) this vacation is sure to be a delight for any foodie!

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Patagonia certainly deserves one of the top spots for most beautiful place on earth as is it is relatively untouched by man. Every turn you take you can see a towering snow-capped mountain and a myriad of lakes that vary in color. You can also find an abundance of wildlife, such as, penguins, llamas, pumas, and whales! What are you waiting for? Let's plan you Patagonia trip!

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There are several wonderful reasons to visit Argentina. With its unique and beautiful geography, captivating culture, vibrant nightlife, and incredible cuisine, Argentina is full of world-class attractions. From remarkable mountains, stunning glaciers, spectacular deserts, and amazing sea coasts this will be one adventurous vacation that will stick with you for years to come. Check out our most favorite Argentina destinations.