Kenya, the safari destination of the world. Kenya is unique and will provide you with unforgettable experiences that will stick with you for years to come after your visit. Kenya is a photographers dream with the amount of wildlife you will see up close and personal. You can have breakfasts with giraffes, visit the elephant sanctuary, take a long walk at one of beautiful beaches, and meet some welcoming locals all in one destination!

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Africa has some of the most prolific wildlife and nature viewing opportunities in the world. This vast continent holds an immense landscape from beaches to mountains, deserts to wetlands, and let's not forget the boundless savannah. Home to cultures with ways of living that have not changed for centuries, Africa can take you to an untamed world. Check out some of our most requested destinations in Africa below:


Egypt offers a rich cultural adventure filled with iconic landmarks such as the Pyramids, the Valley of the King, and ancient temples filled with paintings, carvings,and hieroglyphics. Egypt is a fairytale for architecture and art lovers and it will transport you back in time with ancient wonders that are still to be discovered.